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return on investment

Make the business case for health, safety and sustainability

Return on investment arguments, risk management, 
evidence based and user experience focused interventions

Positive leadership and teams


Embed positivity within your teams

End result: team health, satisfaction, efficiency and effectiveness gains

Connect yourself to resources and support to sustain yourself as a leader


Health program design
Team Education


Solution identification


User Experience design


Work Design

  • Optimise human performance, business improvement and process efficiency

  • Design of work, safe work methods, job and work process - useful in LEAN businesses, start-ups, new ventures, planning organisational or production changes
  • Design of effective interventions aligned to your business goals (efficient, low cost, managed change, measured outcomes)
  • Work assessments
  • Team and individual - performance focused advice, action oriented reports


  • Strategy and program design
  • Health & safety
  • Human factors & ergonomics
  • Management systems design and audit
  • Mediation and issue resolution
  • Performance analysis
  • Process improvement
  • Research for business
  • Risk management
  • Systems thinking and solution finding
  • User experience design
  • Wellbeing
  • Work assessments
  • Work design

Systems and program design

Management governance, aligned and integrated to your business goals, functions and roles

WHS management systems

Best practice design 

Policy and procedure creation, consultation and user testing

WHS hazard identification and risk control

Compliance and auditing 

Due Diligence and Management obligations 


User experience and Uability

User consultation

Systems and product fitness assessments and advice

Accredited business?
Do it more efficiently with our guidance

Performance indicators

Design and analysis of motivating metrics and reporting

Contextual scans for risk assessments
Latest research findings 

Education and Speaking topics 

WHS hazards and risk management

Body stress risk management

Injury Prevention

Safety system design

Positive well-being and mindfulness

Neuroscience and safety 

Other topics on request  

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