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We help you discover how to sustain yourself, your business, and your teams.  
We want you and your business to be here for a long while.
WorkSmith is a consultancy service that focuses on your needs for healthy, safe and sustainable business performance.
Our clients want to keep their workers' healthy and safe and achieve their business goals.  

WorkSmith invites you to enhance the performance of your business and your teams through good work design. We can help you redesign how work is done to increase business efficiency, satisfaction and user experience.

What's the typical return on investment for health and safety risk management? 
Answer options: 

-2:1 (I lose money investing in health and safety), 
1:1 (there is no gain but I have to do it anyway legally)
3:1 (I can gain 3 dollars for every dollar of evidence-based health and safety intervention)
5:1 (I can gain 5 or more dollars for every dollar of evidence-based health and safety intervention)
Email us with your answer and receive a one hour consultation to explore your options to gain a return by investing in health and safety risk management.

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